ARK: Survival Evolved Community Server (ONLINE)

• Map: Crystal Isles

• Game / Mods Exploits and Hacks Use Punished with Ban

• Prohibited Caves / Resource Areas Construction

• Griefing not permitted

• Cage Abuse not permitted (Do not keep players more than 3 hours inside a cage)

• Prohibited New Players Raid

• MaxStructures = 7000 (To prevent low fps)

• Prohibited Foundations spread across the map

• Game / Mod bugs and Tribe managing problems are not our responsibility. Play safe! (Bugged dinos, Deleted Tribes, Unclaimed dinos and buildings, etc)

• Max Player / Wild Dino Level = 155

• Max Tribe Members = 5 (no tribe alliances)

• Mods: S+, Classic Flyers, Reusable Plus and HG Stacks

• Multipiers: Harvest x10 Tame x10 Xp x10

• Wipe: 12/06/2020

• No Advertisement, Server Recruiting or Chat Spamming is permitted

Server name: - MultiGaming-CM x10

*Any Info or Reports send us an email.