We're looking to partner with businesses, social media influencer's, streamers and communities.

Community Sponsorship Requirements

• Own Domain

• Own Website

• 50+ Active Users

• 5+ Active Streamers

• Community / Team Jerseys

• 5 Lan Events Presence

• Steam Group

• Facebook or Twitter page with 200+ followers

Community Sponsorship Services:

-Game Servers

-Voice Servers


Streamer Sponsorship Requirements

• Youtube / Twitch channel

• 750+ followers

• Weekly Active streamer

• 50+ Active viewers

• Facebook / Twitter Page with 100+ followers

Streamer Sponsorship Services:

-Voice Servers


-VIP access to all our community servers

If you or your community comply with the above requisites, you can always contact us to know how to be part of our partnership program. Your email must include all the requirements described above so our team can evaluate everything before making a decision.